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Date de publication : 06-04-2018
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43 year old french male with over 20 years experience in the service industry available for short or long term in Monaco/Cap ferrat area.
Perfectly bilingual having been raised in America.
Passionate about service , and everything tied to my profession , i am driven to achieve client satisfaction at all times.
Characteristics developped at first in the army , then working in michelin starred restaurants ,and further on working for hnw individuals and families where i have held senior and leadership positions.Currently working in a rental home ,for the past two years , i have grown accustomed to the preparation of a home prior to guest arrival , personnalised as they have requested.Having had guests from all over the world and from very different backgrounds , i am able to adapt to any formal or informal situation.I hold diplomas in table service, silver service, bartending and table decoration and flower arrangements are something i take very seriously adding on to the ambiance of the household.
Over twenty years in the field have allowed me to develop a natural eye for details and the ability to adapt rapidly to my employer’s needs, habits , favorites ,with the goal to always exceed my principal’s expectations.
My personnal habits start with organisation wich will allow me to handle any unexpected events and perform under pressure.
I like to offer a reliable and personnalised service to my employers while respecting the privacy of the principal and his family.
Currently based in the south of France close to Monaco, i am at your disposal for any further information , certificates , or reference letters.

Sincerely yours,

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