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Quality engineer, Sales, Marketing, Customer service, CAD designer, Auditor

Date de publication :18-04-2017
Annonceur :Gianfranco1981
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Référence de l'annonce :18678

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I have a special interest to the quality area, where I have already completed first professional knowledge in SKF Industrie S.p.A. - Avio where I deal mainly in the management and creation of PPAP, problem solving and customer interaction (eg . : UTC Aerospace Systems, Safran, Airbus Helicopters, Goodrich, etc ..).
Despite being very satisfied with the work done so far and path of acquired skills, I would confront a new reality working to have the opportunity to grow professionally and to integrate my knowledge with new elements, also working in areas other than those touched so far.
As you can see from the curriculum vitae i attended several courses to improve the knowledge and furthermore i have the dual citizenship and so i speak French very well.
I think to be a sociable person, dynamic, willing and eager to learn.
I am available immediately and furthermore are available to attend any training courses and to make transfers.

Eventually i am available also for employment of Sales, Marketing, Customer service, CAD designer

First name(s) / Surname(s) SPADEA Gianfranco
Address(es) Boulevard de Suisse 13, 98000 Monaco
Telephone(s) Mobile : +39 342 8011195
E-mail gianfrancospadea@hotmail.com
Nationality : Italian and French
Date of birth 15 July 1981
Gender Male

Dates : 2010 - present
Occupation or position held : Quality engineer
Main activities and responsibilities :

  • Co-ordinate First Article Inspection Report [FAIR] & Production Part Approval Process [PPAP] ;
  • Quality Engineer in the Continuous Improvement Area ;
  • Six Sigma project development ;
  • Standardized work improvement ;
  • Internal Audit ;
  • Problem Solving activities (5 Why’s 8D’s etc) ;
  • Customer complaint analysis and interacting with Customer (SAFRAN, UTC Aerospace Systems, Goodrich, AIRBUS Helicopters, ecc..).

Name and address of employer : SKF Industrie S.p.A. – SKF Avio Italia, Villar Perosa via Dante Alighieri,6 10069 (TO)
Type of business or sector  : Aerospace and super precision Bearings

Dates : 2002 - 2010
Occupation or position held : Industrial consultant
Main activities and responsibilities :

  • Standardized work improvement ;
  • Compiling First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs) ;
  • Co-ordinate and manage Typical Metrology equipment – micrometers ;
  • Co-ordinate activityes for the X-ray stress analyzer for residual stress and retained austenite measuring.
  • Generate new drawings and review CAD drawings.

Name and address of employer : Leonardo Engineering S.n.c., Viale Kennedy 8 – 10064 Pinerolo (TO)
Type of business or sector : Industrial consultant

Technical skills and competences : : FAIR, PPAP, Continuous Improvement Area, Six Sigma, Standardized work improvement, Internal
Audit, 5 Why’s, 8D’s, Customer Complaint Management, Metrology equipment Management, X-ray
machine “Stresstech”, Knowledge AS9100 standard relating to aerospace, AUTOCAD.
Computer skills and competences : Operating Systems Windows, MS word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, MS Access (MS.Office), Autocad,
Minitab and IBM Lotus Notes ;


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